Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Keeping your Desktop Icons Ship Shape with Desktop Restore

I like to use Windows Desktop to launch shortcuts to my favorite and most used applications.  I have the icons arranged in a particular way so that I can find and launch them easily.  If you do this yourself or have tried to do this in the past you may have noticed that from time to time Windows will rearrange the desktop icons when the screen resolution is adjusted, certain applications are launched or if the shell restarts unexpectedly.  When this happens it is often a major inconvenience to readjust all of the icons only to have it happen again the next time you attach to a projector or launch a certain game.

Desktop Restore to the rescue.  Desktop Restore is a shell extension that was created by Jamie O'Connell and can be found on his company's web site at midiox.com.  This little beauty makes saving and restoring you desktop icon locations a snap by providing additional menu items when you right-click the desktop.


It supports multiple monitors and multiple layout configurations.  If you like using your desktop to launch your applications and like to have your icons in just the right place I strongly encourage you to checkout Desktop Restore.  I have been using it for a couple years now and think it is a great utility.

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